TrustSwap — The new DeFi GIANT!

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(a brief introduction to TrustSwap — for more info, see links in this article)

Yes, the title says it all. TrustSwap is a new decentralised finance giant. Why is that? Let me try to give you my own opinion and break it down why.

There are 4 major features TrustSwap is trying to change the DeFi space with:

  • Crypto Subscriptions (“Allows online retailers to integrate crypto subscriptions, directly onto their sites, using any Ethereum-based token”)
  • Escrow Services (“TrustSwap is removing the middleman, and providing a non-custodial, fully audited and secure solution for large dealflow to transact securely, quickly, and for minimal fees.)
  • Tokensale Launchpad & Trusted Coin Offerings (TCO’s) — (Teams lock in their tokens, vested over a period of time, giving investors confidence that the team is in it for the long-haul. They can only unlock investment funds after they hit promised milestones. Also, TrustSwap will put a STOP sign to large investor dumps thanks to a slow release to tokensale investors over a period of time.)
  • Wrapping as a Service (Simply put, you can wrap any token and use it on Ethereum network)

But of course that is not everything!

Other amazing features of TrustSwap are:

Two party time-released payments — “Ensure your payments get to your recipients on a fixed schedule automatically”. So if you want sell 100.000 USD worth of a token but don’t want the buyer to dump it, simply set up a regular payment of any amount at your desired frequency.

Low fees — Lawyers are costy. TrustSwap doesn’t need them, therefore you save on fees. Big time! “You only pay 1% of the transaction cost as a fee”

Revolutionising ICOs — When investing in ICOs, investors may receive their tokens on a regular basis, with SmartLaunch. This will ensure that OTC investors won’t sell their shares in a bulk, but rather receive them with regular payments.

There is much more that TrustSwap has to offer. To see all of the features, visit their website and read their White Paper at for full details!

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Token information:
erc20 contract: 0xcc4304a31d09258b0029ea7fe63d032f52e44efe
Decimals : 18
Total supply: 100,000,000

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