Super Black Hole in deflationary crypto sphere

We have seen many deflationary cryptocurrencies being launched for the past months. It created a new approach to store of value in cryptocurrencies - DEFLATION.

With the big wave of new deflationary cryptocurrencies (or as they call themselves “social experiments”) varying from less than a 0.1% deflation to an insane 90% deflation burns, we have seen many of them struggle.
Some exit-scammed, some migrated to another chain, some found bugs in their codes, and some sold out.

Of course, not all of them.

When MERO currency launched Super Black Hole, things were picking up for HOLE. The first deflationary cryptocurrency with a higher burn rate.
Its 20% is something that was brave to go for. But they did.

Few months later, Super Black Hole team got separated from MERO and since then has stood on their own. And will remain standing strong to fulfil its task.

So far, HOLE has deflated from 2,500,000 to 1,254,959 at the time of writing this article. That is 49% deflation of total supply in almost 5 months. Super Black Hole has successfully airdropped their tokens, completed bounties for their community, cross-promoted, listed on exchanges, launched own game and much more. HOLE is now ready to continue sucking up the crypto space, and there is not much anyone can do about it…

HOLE is not going anywhere…

…other than exploring the far ends of the universe…

Over and out.


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