deflationary community suffers again…

And here yet another dump in the deflationary crypto market.


I was looking at the charts to see the biggest loser — HYPE TOKEN


So I looked at the etherscan and I saw that the numbers are looking really funny


So I thought I am going to look for their social media profiles

And so it looks like another flush in the deflationary crypto space.

HOWEVER, there are still deflationary projects that are alive and working hard. I feel sorry for everyone that lost their money in the deflationary scams and I would like to invite you to join Super Black Hole, 20% deflationary token, that has been live for a long time and through ups and downs in this deflationary space. Feel free to join and get in touch with us. See for yourself that true projects with live community and active admins are still out there.

Super Black Hole (HOLE) token has burnt more than 50% of their supply with massive 20% deflation burn and still burning and still progressing.

Super Black Hole is active on DDEX and recently listed on RAYDELTA centralised exchange ( )

Feel free to join HOLE on Telegram :
also, you can find us on Twitter :

There are still live projects out there…

Over and out!

Most exciting info about deflationary cryptocurrencies

Most exciting info about deflationary cryptocurrencies