Farming YFP (Yearn Finance Protocol) tutorial using Metamask

This is a simple pictured tutorial to farming $YFP token for $SYFP

Step 1
- Open Yearn Finance Protocol website

Step 2
- Connect your Metamask (this is perfectly safe, the website is certificate protected, you don’t have to worry, but please check the lockpad icon on the left side from the website bar to be 100% sure)

Step 3
- Move to the “Stake-Farm” section of the website

Step 4
- Choose your preferred pool (in this tutorial we are doing YFP farming)

Step 5
- You will see this screen which tells you the reward for farming, make sure you are familiar with this and understand it
- click “Farm”

Step 6
- Enter your desired amount to farm and then click “Approve”

Note: At the time of writing this article, I have already done that couple of days ago and so the Metamask confirmation would not pop up for me, BUT once you click “Approve” the Metamask window will pop up, where YOU HAVE TO CONFIRM the transaction. Be aware that the transaction fee for approval is higher than usual, BUT this is just a one-time process. Next time you decide to add more YFP to farm, you will NOT have to do this again.

Step 7
- Wait for the transaction to be confirmed, you can also track it on the blockchain, the transaction ID will be visible on your Metamask

Step 8
- Click “Farm” and you are good to go! :-)

In case you wish to UNFARM your tokens, just click “Unfarm” and the amount you wish to withdraw. This process is super straightforward and you don’t have to be super tech skilled person to go through it.

If you have any questions and struggles, don’t hesitate to reach out on Telegram. The admins are more than happy to help! Contact them directly in the group with the following tags:

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