Many may be familiar with the PoorFag memecoin, known as $FAG

It was created as a copy of $BONK with 2% staking rewards every transaction and 5% unstaking fee also going to the staking pool. The project has developed NFT marketplace and got some attention on Twitter.

Unfortunatelly, the developer of this project (Telegram: @bestetherdapps aka Joe Blow) has decided to sell his stake, and claimed he did this without warning to not cause panic sell. …

This is a simple pictured tutorial to farming $YFP token for $SYFP

Step 1
- Open Yearn Finance Protocol website

Step 2
- Connect your Metamask (this is perfectly safe, the website is certificate protected, you don’t have to worry, but please check the lockpad icon on the left side from the website bar to be 100% sure)

(a brief introduction to TrustSwap — for more info, see links in this article)

Yes, the title says it all. TrustSwap is a new decentralised finance giant. Why is that? Let me try to give you my own opinion and break it down why.

There are 4 major features TrustSwap is trying to change the DeFi space with:

  • Crypto Subscriptions (“Allows online retailers to integrate crypto subscriptions, directly onto their sites, using any Ethereum-based token”)
  • Escrow Services (“TrustSwap is removing the middleman, and providing a non-custodial, fully audited and secure solution for large dealflow to transact securely, quickly, and for…

deflationary community suffers again…

And here yet another dump in the deflationary crypto market.


I was looking at the charts to see the biggest loser — HYPE TOKEN


So I looked at the etherscan and I saw that the numbers are looking really funny

Hyperdeflationary token HOLE has achieved a huge milestone!
Since its launch just about half year ago, the token deflated 50% of its supply already! That is more than 1,250,000 HOLE tokens destroyed forever!

And that is not everything!
On November 8th, HOLE has been listed on a centralised exchange, where you can trade it WITHOUT BURNING 20% of the transaction!

We have seen many deflationary cryptocurrencies being launched for the past months. It created a new approach to store of value in cryptocurrencies - DEFLATION.

With the big wave of new deflationary cryptocurrencies (or as they call themselves “social experiments”) varying from less than a 0.1% deflation to an insane 90% deflation burns, we have seen many of them struggle.
Some exit-scammed, some migrated to another chain, some found bugs in their codes, and some sold out.

Of course, not all of them.

When MERO currency launched Super Black Hole, things were picking up for HOLE. The first deflationary cryptocurrency…


I would like to share a nice overview of SOME of the deflationary tokens

I did not put all of the deflationary cryptocurrencies simply because many are too similar to one another and so I picked just a few to look at.

This is the beginning of new era and we can look closely on specific deflationary cryptocurrencies one by one in the future. For now, this is a quick overview of some exciting numbers in the deflacrypto space.

Deflationary cryptocurrencies are new digital asset that offer brand new approach to store of value. Time will tell if these will survive and what size they will reach.

Current data below is up to date for 18th August 2019
(in alphabetical order)

(this serves as informative article, I am not a financial advisor, simply an excited dude who loves deflationary cryptocurrencies)

The next BIG THING?

For the past couple of months, we have seen a huge amount of deflationary crypto being released. What is the point of these and can they survive? And if they survive, how big are they going to become?

(Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, everything stated in this article is my pure thoughts and nobody should make any decisions based on my view. Do your own research and invest only what you can afford to lose)

Most of the deflationary cryptocurrencies come out as pure “experiment” and you should only invest at your own risk. Of course. …


Most exciting info about deflationary cryptocurrencies

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